Choices In Life

Posted by Padang Cahaya on August 10, 2011

Suparman finally managed to defeat the criminals, then she told the criminals who already fell helpless: "I could kill you, but I still have the option to not be a bad guy".

The story above is a few snippets of the story mini-series The Adventures of Suparman that aired on the night of the week yesterday in MNCtv. I am interested to examine the words that I bolded above. Yes, on a choice in life

If I digested again, life is sometimes (almost always) to present choices, in whatever condition we are certainly faced with a choice. "Not difficult" indeed specify a choice, but the hardest part is the consequences that will arise after we decide on a choice. The consequences could be positive or negative. For those who are ready does not matter, but for those who have not / are not ready for the future would only blame themselves, the environment, even the LORD.

To be good or bad it is a choice in life, become corrupt, criminals, good people, it is a choice in life. That need to be prepared is the magnanimity to accept the consequences of each of our choice. Because life should choose then not to choose wrong *) 
Thank you.

*) Although sometimes we think that there is no other choice.

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