Global Warming: Need Solution To A Solution

Posted by Padang Cahaya on August 10, 2011

Planting trees is not enough, Need Solution Else Before and After.

I believe you have often and know about global warming or are more familiar with the term global warming. Often we hear a lot of people campaigned to plant trees for the prevention of global warming, which at this time the impact of global warming is already very pronounced. One solution to prevent global warming by removing carbon dioxide gas, and the easiest way is to maintain trees and plant more. Because, the tree (especially a young and rapidly growing) absorb very much carbon dioxide, break through photosynthesis and store carbon in wood.

Related to the importance of greening the earth reduces the gas content of carbon dioxide by planting trees, there should be a solution before and after. Why is that?, This corresponds to something that is sometimes contradictory. It is some time ago I saw might be a reflection. How not?, I saw some people cutting down trees janitor who was in the park road divider. Although only a portion (not from below but from the middle of the stem), but it may give some idea that it expected its existence other than existence also bothers anyway. In addition to these events, probably many similar events that are in place / other regions. Often also heard the news due to fallen trees which ultimately makes the tree still stands bandwagon felled.

There is nothing wrong with it, because the risk factors should also be considered, as they may be until later when the tree was large and growing, if there is a big wind could harm the risk falls and road users or people who live around it. If the tree is large and risky it is left unchecked will threaten safety. Additionally, cable networks are located near the tree (probably) also be a consideration. And many other reasons.

Then I suppose, just suppose that electrical wiring, telephone, and so it cleanly, can certainly minimize the felling of trees. If only every city had a bit of land set aside to be urban forest. How long to wait for trees to grow big, big turns out to be destroyed after, is not love?. Planting trees to prevent dangerous global warming is necessary, but it is also important to consider other factors that actually is also important to the sustainability of Earth greening program. Do you have any other solutions?

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