Collin Thinks Big

Posted by Padang Cahaya on January 31, 2012

Collin Caterpillar and Sylvia Snail were crawling along the garden wall one sunny morning.
"Isn't the world big?" remarked Collin as gazed around.
"It's huge, it's enormous" agreed Sylvia, who thought a lot about such things inside her mind.
"It makes me feel so very small, " Collin said.
"But I Know a way to change all that!" said Sylvia wisely.
So the two of them spent the rest of that morning collecting the tiniest things they could find.
Collin collected a crumb, a pea, a shell, and a petal. Soon he had found a feather, a peanut, a button and a berry.
Sylvia brought back a drawing pin, a paper clip, a pen nib, a pin and a needle.
"Look! You're almost a giant Collin!" said Sylvia.
"Funnily enough, how small these things are," chuckled Collin,"and look how big I am!"

Adapted from 50 Bedtime Stories: the Perfect Way 
to End Your Day, 2002

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