My Wife Is My Angel

Posted by Padang Cahaya on January 25, 2012

Maybe some of us still remember with Inu Kencana Syafi'i, a character who stuck out his name associated exposure of the case at IPDN. There is a book he wrote, Sang Inu Jatuh Cinta, which tells a lot about his life experiences, especially the story about love. Here I will not review a book, it's just, I want to quote the opening words, which are very beautiful and in its meaning. The following quotation:

"I always pray to God, if I am allowed to go to heaven, I will reject all the fairies. I only want one angel who accompanied me in heaven someday. Angel is my wife. "

In the opening words in this book, quoting the above words were spoken when he was attending an event. It's lucky his wife, and wives who have husbands like him. My wife is my angel, so that I can conclude from these prayers. Problem elaboration of the broader meaning of the prayer, that he might better understand it.

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